Waste and hazardous material management

As part of their sustainability strategy, management within Vossloh companies has set a goal of using natural resources responsibly and sparingly. Material consumption and disposal quantities are recorded and monitored in the individual units. Vossloh units use safe disposal methods that are separated according to waste types. The selected waste management companies are then reviewed regularly. Where it is technically possible and practical, closed material life cycles and reprocessing plans reduce the consumption of valuable new raw materials to a minimum.

Recycling can reduce the need for raw materials and the amount of waste produced. Economically viable recycling programs and processes ensure that the amount of waste ultimately sent to landfill sites at Vossloh is steadily on the decline. For example, the Kunshan plant collects rail clamps discarded during quality control and returns them to the steel mills, which feed the material back into production. At several sites, Vossloh Fastening Systems is now using reusable transport containers. Vossloh Tie Technologies recycles steel scrap and process water on a large scale. Customized Modules further processes the packaging of the delivered raw materials in Fère-en-Tardenois. The division also launched a project in 2021 to further increase the percentage of recycled steel used in the casting of frogs from the current level of around 60 percent. Downcycling can also be a way to extend the lifecycle of the material. At Vossloh Rail Services, for example, nonreprocessable residue from grinding stones is used as an additive in slag production