Rail fastening systems

Vossloh is a leading global company for rail fasteners. The product range includes fastenings for ballasted tracks and slab tracks for all load profiles from heavy-haul to high-speed as well as urban transport.

Innovation for
future mobility

Every Vossloh rail fastening system is developed and tested with Vossloh’s own cutting-edge research and development labs.

Every new development goes with a clearly defined innovation process. Each individual phase – from the idea to design, simulation, prototype, testing and approval up to the final batch production – follows a set management concept in order to guarantee maintenance of the highest efficiency and quality standards.

Whether it is through FEM calculation (finite element method), computer simulations or fatigue testing – in Vossloh labs new talent works alongside experienced engineers. Many of the current employees were already familiar with Vossloh during their studies, because Vossloh cooperates with colleges and universities all over the world.

Fasteners for
switch systems

For the growing international switch market, Vossloh offers special rail fasteners for ballasted tracks and slab tracks.

The systems can be easily adapted to different requirements, e.g. through inclined pads – a cost effective and simple solution, which enables rails to be inclined at switches and crossings with uninclined concrete sleepers.

The heavy-haul rail fastening system W 30 T has been in use in Russia since the end of 2014 on a Vossloh switching system. Designed for the Russian track width of 1520 mm, the switch was manufactured for an axle load of 27 tons and an annual total line load of 70 megatons. Its equivalent as a tried and tested high-speed solution for switches on slab track is the 300W, which has a modular construction and can, for example, be easily adapted to rail inclines. Examples of this can be found in China and the Eurotunnel.

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