Heavy Haul

Economical heavy-haul transport with uncompromising safety

The transport of goods by rail is becoming increasingly important worldwide because the global flow of raw materials can only be managed by robust rail networks. Particularly in countries with raw material-oriented industries, railways benefit from their ability to transport materials in bulk, such as coal, ores and chemicals in long, heavy trains. New tracks follow raw material sources, often in regions with difficult climates. In the Gobi desert, for example, where winter temperatures drop well below minus 50° Celsius, while in summer they can reach over 45° Celsius.

Vossloh has certified systems for heavy-haul lines in almost all regions and climate zones in the world. Rail fastening systems specially developed for US goods transport are setting standards for heavy-haul lines worldwide. The weather and temperature resistant special fasteners for heavy-haul lines protect the entire track superstructure against erosion and material fatigue. They ensure stability, even on narrow turns with high inclination. Thanks to simple installation and flexible upgrade options, they minimize initial investment and operational and maintenance costs.

Vossloh sees huge potential in the increased use of plastic components: innovative materials and suitable design also contribute to cost efficiency.

Rail fastening with inclined pads for heavy-haul switches

Vossloh developed the W 30 T system for heavy-haul switches with concrete sleepers for the growing international heavy-haul market. Already in use in Russia since 2014, they can be adapted to diverse requirements on ballast tracks by adjusting the rigidity of the layer pads. Rail inclinations of 1:20 or 1:40 are therefore possible through inclined pads. The new Vossloh inclined pads thus offer an economical and simple alternative, allowing rail inclination in switches with uninclined concrete sleepers.

Switch specialist for extreme requirements

For many decades Vossloh has provided switch construction for heavy-haul railway projects (V-Freight segment), which meet with international standards. Mining groups worldwide depend on switch systems with cast manganese monoblock pieces which are suitable, among other things for an axle load of up to 42 tons and a maximum speed of 80km/h. They even work under extreme environmental conditions, with sand or snow or with unusually high or low rail temperatures.

For the climate requirements of Sweden – the goods transport lines in the north and the busy passenger transport lines in the south – Vossloh developed a switch solution, which is suitable for axle loads of up to 30 tons.

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