Employee development and training

One of Vossloh‘s major advantages in terms of its attractiveness as an employer is the comprehensive array of development measures it offers its employees. The company specifically promotes talent by striving to offer attractive opportunities, including offering all junior staff the possibility of working in digital projectbased international roles. In annual review meetings, various measures are agreed upon to provide employees with customized training while taking operational needs into account. Proper implementation of these measures is closely monitored and evaluated by the HR departments. In addition, managers and employees sit down for six-monthly reviews to discuss the level of attainment for the agreed goals and development operations and to make any necessary adjustments.

As part of the People Review Process for managers and non-tariff employees, not only individual targets and development measures are agreed, i.e. what, but also how these measures and targets are to be achieved in line with the corporate values and management principles. In the course of 2023, 91.0 % of all managers and non-tariff employees went through this process (previous year: 90.5 %).

The wide range of training measures for Vossloh employees in all areas of expertise includes external and internal training measures, such as workshops, participation in projects and coaching, and increasingly digital learning opportunities. Vossloh also promotes its own employee qualification initiatives, such as part-time studies. In addition, there are cross-divisional development programs that prepare high-potential employees and technical experts for more advanced tasks.

The Vossloh Learning Platform (VLP) is the digital environment for continuous learning (“Learn“), sharing (“Share“) and growing (“Grow“) within the company. The platform is designed to create an inspiring and motivating learning culture that all employees can contribute to and benefit from. The VLP is an example of how learning takes place every day and in many different ways. The learning opportunities are divided into the areas of “onsite“, “tailor-made“ and “digital learning“, so that a suitable solution can be found quickly depending on learning needs. The VLP is available to all employees worldwide in German, English and French.

In 2023, a total of 2,585 employees took part in training events. The number of participants increased by 20.6 % compared to the previous year.