If you want to write the story of Vossloh, you would have to tell a number of different stories. Because what know today as Vossloh had many beginnings. The different roots of our companies can be traced back through European economic history. They are an example of the profound experience the Group has with modern day key technology.

Vossloh since 1883

The company is named after Eduard Vossloh. In 1883, the blacksmith received the first contract from the Royal Prussian Railway for the manufacture of spring washers for rail fasteners. On July 11, 1888 the Eduard Vossloh company was entered into the company register at the local court of Altena, thereby creating the core of the business. Even today, Werdohl is still the headquarters of Vossloh AG and Vossloh Fastening Systems GmbH (Core Components division), one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of rail fastening systems. 1967 was a decisive turning point. Prof. Hermann Meier developed the tension clamp for rail fasteners. Vossloh was granted the license for production, which began in the same year. This type of rail fastener is today a worldwide benchmark for all applications in rail operation.

since 1904

In 1904 the Société de Construction et d’Embranchements Industriels (SEI) was founded in Soissons to manufacture rail switches. After many changes over a period of almost a century and purchase by Vossloh, in 2002 Vossloh Cogifer SA (Customized Modules division) was finally created, today one of the world's leading manufacturers of switch systems for rail transport worldwide. Reichshoffen is still an important location today. One of our French switch plants has its headquarters here, as does the technology center of Vossloh Cogifer.

since 1948

In 2010 Vossloh took over the companies of the Stahlberg-Roensch Group, Seevetal near Hamburg, active in rail services, as well as LOG Logistikgesellschaft Gleisbau mbH and ISB Instandhaltungssysteme Bahn GmbH of the Contrack Group, Hanover. The acquisition of Vossloh Rail Services (Lifecycle Solutions division) covered seven German locations specialising primarily in complex solutions for welding and logistics, as well as in preventative rail maintenance. Also included: rail experience since 1948. Today, our unique High-Speed Grinding technology forms the basis for ongoing globalisation of our service business.

since 1986

Vossloh Tie Technologies constitutes Vossloh’s most recent activity (Core Components division). The year 2017 began with the acquisition of Rocla Concrete Tie, Inc., Lakewood, Colorado. Rocla has been supplying customers within the US focus market with concrete railway ties since 1986. Apart from major Class 1 rail operators, the customer base also includes passenger transportation companies within the USA. In addition, switch ties, concrete low-vibration track blocks and crossing panels are also developed and manufactured. Production itself takes place at six own US-based plants and at a further site in Mexico.

Since December 2018, after acquiring Austrak Pty Ltd., Vossloh Tie Technologies is also a market leader in the Australian concrete tie business.

The current listed company was founded in 1990. On June 13, 1990, the shares of Vossloh AG were listed on the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange for the first time. Today, the Thiele family is Vossloh AG’s largest shareholder.