In addition to a great atmosphere, I have individual opportunities for development here.

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Vossloh is a leading global rail technology company. Rail infrastructure is the core business of the Group. We offer our customers throughout the world integrated solutions from a single source. We make an important contribution to the mobility of people and the transport of commodities – safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

A passion that
leads to the top.

We’re passionate about railways. And have been for 140 years. Passion and expertise have made us what we are now: technological leader. And we want it to stay that way. We have full confidence in the competence of all our employees.

Overcoming boundaries. Reaching our goals.

Vossloh currently globally operates on six different continents, at the largest workplace there is: the world. Whether in China, Russia, the US, Morocco or Finland: we think globally and operate anywhere our customer needs us. And we know that economic success is not incompatible with social and environmental responsibility.

Shaping the future.
For everyone.

Growth is part of our strategy. That also applies to the development of our employees. For that we provide the best conditions. Short decision-making chains, exciting challenges, a multicultural environment and the chance to take responsibility at an early stage. We recognise talent and foster it, so everyone does what they can do best.

We’re growing.
Grow with us.

The future is bright for railways around the world. That is our core business. We’re constantly developing new solutions for rail transport. We expand existing markets and access new ones. We grow with the challenge. For a safer future.

Satisfied employees. Sound corporation.

We do a lot to allow everyone to develop their potential to the fullest. We recognise performance and successes. And we want our employees to be able to cope with their work and private lives. That’s important and we support it. This means we strive every day to make our working environment even better. Health is the top priority in everything we do, as is safety.

We have values
we stand by.

We’re Vossloh: Approximately 4,000 employees with individual ways of life from different cultures. What unites us is trust in our business, respect towards every individual, entrepreneurial thinking and excellent performance. We’re fair and open. We keep our word. And to do so, we not only want the best, but also the right colleagues.

The generalist.
The specialist.

Everything from a single source. That saves travel, time and money. This is why our integrated solutions in railway infrastructure are so successful – because all products and services are tailored to each other. One thing suits another, everything fits. Our experts know about the details while keeping an overall view.

We’re on the move.
With us, you’re heading
in the right direction.

Mobility is the pulse of a globalised world. Our range of services places Vossloh at the heartbeat of its markets. It’s our goal to overcome distances and connect people. We trust in railways – a safe, economic and eco-friendly mode of transport.

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