Stock indicators

Vossloh share indicators

Earnings per share(0.55)0.225.42(16.46)1.25
Dividend per share1.0010.
Annual average number of shares outstanding1,00015,96714,769 13,32513,00011,999
Number of shares outstanding at year-end1,00015,96715,967 13,32513,32512,005
Closing stock price146.8059.6157.7451.9070.33
Closing market capitalization€ mill.747.3951.8793.1712.9870.3
Trading volume1,0003,4344,4348,37811,6796,349
Average daily trading volume1,00013.617.433.146.325.2

1 Dividend proposal subject to approval of the Annual General Meeting

Earnings per share

Weighted average number of common shares outstandingNumber15,967,43714,769,086
Net income attributable to Vossloh AG shareholders€ mill.(8.0)3.3
Basic/diluted EpS(0.50)0.22
thereof attributable to continuing operations1.741.30
thereof attributable to discontinued operations(2.24)(1.08)

* Previous year figures presented in a comparable manner (see page 106 of the 2017 Annual Report).