Declaration of conformity

Corporate governance
at Vossloh

Sound and sustainable corporate governance is essential to perpetuate the trust that a company’s present stockholders and future investors, its lenders, as well as its staff, customers and suppliers place in it. Vossloh’s corporate governance practices are accordingly reviewed on a regular basis. Section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act (“AktG”) requires the Executive and Supervisory Boards of an exchange-listed stock corporation to issue an annual declaration on the extent to which the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code Government Commission have been and will be applied.

The current declaration of conformity, in accordance with Section 161 AktG, was issued in November 2019:

Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity by the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of Vossloh AG with regard to the German Corporate Governance Code

Vossloh Aktiengesellschaft has complied with all recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code in the version of February 7, 2017 published by the Federal Ministry of Justice in the official section of the Federal Gazette and will continue to comply with these recommendations in the future.

Werdohl, November 2019
Vossloh Aktiengesellschaft

The Executive Board / The Supervisory Board